I've added over a dozen new writing articles to the site. Most are about craft. Check them out on the article index page


The State of Publishing and Bookselling, June 2008. A series of blogs I wrote on the current state of publishing and bookselling and how that affects writers and readers. I focused on genre novels.

My article, "Why Don't You Write a Real Book," gives a considered answer to that most rude of all questions most of us writers get.

"To Market, To Market" explains the different markets available for your books and discusses the pros and cons of each market.


I've added two more Hawk stories from the Buck Rogers fanfic I wrote years ago.

"The One" introduces Hawk's half-brother Ari. Wilma, Hawk, and Buck are kidnapped by an energy creature with horrifying plans for the crew of the Searcher.

"At the Ball," Buck tries to make Hawk jealous of Tiber with disastrous results.


I have two free cookbooks available. One is from authors of Hard Shell Word Factory, and the other is courtesy of Micqui Miller. Both contain my recipes. The download links are at the bottom of the page here.


"Alone," a short story with my characters from The Once and Future Queen, is now free and available on my website. Dr. Adam Dane is kidnapped by an energy creature with unspeakable plans for the members of the Appomattox. With only his wits and the help of a young Pandori boy, he must stop this powerful creature.

"A Perfect Alibi" When is a perfect alibi not so perfect? Cody Callahan and defense attorney Travis Longstreet must answer this question to save grandmotherly Lucille Prettyman from murder charges.


LONG AGO and far away in another galaxy, I went to my first science fiction convention and loved it. Wanting to explore more of fandom, I joined a media fan club, wrote a few fanfic stories as presents for friends I met there, and had a wonderful time. Time passed, the club faded, and I transferred my energies to my writing career.

A few months ago, I saw the review of the 25th Anniversary Edition of the entire BUCK ROGERS IN THE 25TH CENTURY series, and the memories came flooding back. The fan group had been the Thom Christopher Fan Club, and the character who had enthralled me was the brooding alien Hawk, the tragic last survivor of a race of bird people.

I pulled out the stories, decided I still liked them very much and Hawk even more, and I’ve polished them up with the knowledge of over twenty more years of writing.

"The Maiden and the Monster" is a standalone novella which requires no prior knowledge of the characters or the series.

To read other Hawk stories, check out my Article and Short Story page.


YEARS before I wrote "The Gift" for By Fate's Hand, I was fascinated by the story of the Three Fates--the moonspinners. One story about them says that the thread they use to determine each person's lifespan is created from moonlight.


Every month on the full moon, they gather a moonbeam from the surface of the ocean and spin it into their magical thread. As they create the thread, the moon dwindles in size until no moon remains except for the empty spindle.


On that darkest night, they return the unused thread to the water, and the moon begins to grow again as the moonlight is gathered back onto the moon's spindle.


Here, in the spirit of that cosmic recycling, is a poem I wrote many years ago about this myth. "Spinner Moon"


READ an interview with Floppy, everyone's favorite sentient alien kitty, and ask him a question yourself.


MY NEWEST writing articles:


"How to Write a Blurb (Back Cover Copy)": The description of your novel must be short, sweet, and oh so tempting to a reader. Here's how to create the perfect blurb as well an even shorter description when it's needed.


"Keeping the Reader Reading: How to create a story that will suck the reader in like a black hole and not belch him out until 'The End.'"

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