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A Reader's Guide to Copyright


The First Sale Doctrine and eBooks. A general overview of why ebooks cannot be resold.


Fanfic and Copyright Is it legal to write stories using others' characters?


The Death of Copyright. A "what if" vision of what would happen if copyright was revoked.


Text to Speech and eBooks. A legal and rights issues of using a computer voice to read an ebook


Copyright Length and Disney. Is taking classic films by Disney and others out of copyright good or bad?




Writing and the Writing Life




Using Index Cards to Plot a Novel


The Demon Returns The truth behind all those unfinished stories you have.


The Back Plot Thickens What happens before your story starts is as important as the story.


Creating Fight Scenes and Battles Advice for those who write science fiction, fantasy, historical novels, and romance.


Making a Fight Real How to imagine a fight when you've never been in one yourself.


Keeping the Reader Reading How to create a story that will suck the reader in like a black hole and not belch him out until "The End."


Suddenly, a Pirate Ship Loomed Over the Horizon How to avoid using "suddenly" in action scenes.


Sex and the Single Alien Things to consider when creating that sexy alien hero.


Killing Off Characters Should you kill off that secondary character?


Write Where You Know How to Avoid Mistakes in the Location of Your Story.


Writing Psychic Characters


Shifting Types of Viewpoint Is it a good idea to shift between first and third person in the same work?


Maintaining Tone How to keep the same voice throughout a work


How To Avoid Inventing a New Language


Ing the Merciless How to Avoid Using "ing" in your writing.


Prologues, Yes or No?


How Long Should a Paragraph Be?


Nouns or Pronouns? When should you use a pronoun instead of character's name?


Across a Crowded Room: What to Include in Descriptions


How Much Information Do You Need on the First Page?


Voice as Characterization


Telepathic Dialogue


The Moral Core in Genre


Squandering the Reader's Trust We gain the reader's trust by delivering good books, but we can squander that trust away.




To Market, To Market The different markets available for publishing your books with the pros and cons of each method.


Finding the Right Market for Your Novel How to find the right publisher for your kind of novel


How to Write a Query Letter or Pitch


How to Describe your Romance Novel in Queries


How to Write a Blurb (Back Cover Copy) The description of your novel must be short, sweet, and oh so tempting to a reader. Here's how to create the perfect blurb as well an even shorter description when it's needed.


Finding the Right Epublisher




The State of Publishing and Bookselling, June 2008. A series of blogs I wrote on the current state of publishing and bookselling and how that affects writers and readers. I focused on genre novels.


Ebook Primer General information on reading ebooks.




Ebook Promotion from "The Call" and Way Beyond


How to Organize Your Promotion Information




How to Keep Up with Contract Expirations and Other Important Dates


How to Critique Hints on finding and working with a critique group or partner.


Why Don't You Write a Real Book? A considered answer to this most insulting of questions.


Why We Write An affirmation of the joy of writing in a hard profession.


Articles and Blogs of Interest to Writers A collection of links to other writers and writing professionals.


Writers and Wills Things to consider when writing your will


Too Stupid to Live Characters who do stupid things because of a lazy writer


Preparing for Bad Weather How to protect your work when bad weather happens



Should You Use a Pen Name?


Why Women Read Romance


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