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The prize--His two kidnapped children

A Deadly Love, A Fatal Game


Schoolteacher Faith Cody thinks she has the perfect summer job as nanny to Nicholas Price's two visiting children, but the children are kidnapped, and she and Nick are compelled to join forces to steal the ransom -- documents incriminating vicious criminals.


An investigative journalist trained in the ways of the professional cat burglar, Nick has the skill to steal the hidden documents, but their dangerous owner guards the documents well since they prevent his death.


At the secluded estate of their intended victim, on the catwalks above a Las Vegas stage, and in a back alley at the mercy of killers, Faith and Nick face danger with a witty quip and a willingness to risk anything and anyone for the sake of two children they both love.


In this game of betrayer and betrayed, the kidnappers seem determined to destroy Nick's sanity as well as his life, and Faith's life and love may be their ultimate weapon against him.


What the Reviewers are Saying:


"In this tender, yet sensual thriller, Marilynn Byerly does an exquisite job of creating warm and engaging characters. The plot pitches and rolls the reader with the intensity of a typhoon, and I guarantee you won't find yourself skipping paragraphs here.


On the contrary, the passion between these two star-crossed lovers is riveting, and the struggle to get the children back will draw you in like a magnet. With a shocking ending, THE GAME WE PLAY is for those who love romantic suspense, definitely one of this season's must reads. A work of art." --Nancy Arant Williams for




"This book is one of those you pick up and do not put down till you have read the very last word. I was so drawn into Faith and Nick's story that I did not even notice that I had read it in one sitting." --Cheryl Barr for Paranormal Reviews




"In THE GAME WE PLAY, Ms. Byerly takes us into the life of Nicholas Price, a man who knows the pain of being betrayed by a close friend, yet is forced to do the same to a man he respects more than anyone else on earth. All of the characters are so well drawn that the reader feels an instant connection to them, whatever their role in the story is. At turns funny and poignant, it was hard to put down from beginning to end. I'm convinced Marilynn Byerly could write a training manual and make it exciting to read. Her descriptive phrasing, creative plot lines, and powerful characterizations make reading her stories an absolute addiction.


Often, when one part of a story is exceptional, another part may suffer some, but this just isn't true in anything Ms. Byerly writes. Her dialogues are very real; her characters stay consistent to the roles she creates for them, and in THE GAME WE PLAY, her ability to twist the plot line around to keep the reader guessing who's behind the kidnapping rivals any Tom Clancy or Stephen King novel. I would love to see more of Nick, Faith, and Clement, and hope Ms. Byerly is considering several sequels to this wonderful story. Giving it a Perfect 10 was a no-brainer.


If you're a fan of romantic suspense, you'll really want to add this one to your library." -- Jaycee for Romance Reviews Today




One of the Best Romantic Suspenses of the Year at Romance Reviews Today


Best Suspense Novel, Yellow Rose Finalist, at Loves Romance


Best Ebook, Yellow Rose Finalist, at Loves Romance

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