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I've always wanted to be a writer. I come by my storytelling abilities and interests naturally. My dad told wonderful bedtime stories about Bushy Tail Squirrel--his variation on the Br'er-Rabbit stories, and he wrote an often humorous hunting column for the local newspaper. Supper involved Southern tale-spinning from various family members. Coming from a large family and being quiet, at least quiet in comparison to my talkative family members, I tended to tell my stories only to myself.


As I grew older, I fell in love with horses and books, and I wrote my first novel about a horse. Winged King was a whopping ten pages long. My inner stories soon involved my favorite TV characters, and I created a whole universe of different characters to interact with them. When I realized that Mr. Spock from Star Trek and Artemis Gordon from The Wild, Wild West couldn't really meet, I solved my problem by making many of my own characters members of a long-lived alien race of time travelers--the Immortals.


Much later, I borrowed from these imaginative forays into an alien culture to write my first science fiction novel, The Once and Future Queen.


My passion for books led me into graduate school as a literature major, and I used what little time and creative energy I had left to write poetry and an occasional short story, but I promised myself that one day I'd write the novels I had floating around my head.

After my dad died from cancer in 1981, I realized that life was too short not to write those novels. A month after his death, I began my first novel, and I haven't really stopped since.


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Best-selling author Marilynn Byerly's writing passion is adventure stories in the past, present, and future. In her creations of adventurers, suspense, true love, and villains to vanquish, she also likes to add a dash of the unexpected.


Marilynn's Awards


Best Up-and-Coming Author of 1998, Affaire de Coeur Finalist

An Outstanding Achiever in Romance, 2000
Affaire de Coeur


Reviewers on Marilynn

From Romantic Times:

"Marilynn Byerly is certainly one to watch."

"(She) kept me on the edge of my seat."


From Romance Reviews Today:

"Building a world that combines both integrity and depth in a believable and entertaining way is a trademark of Ms. Byerly."

"Her descriptive phrasing, creative plot lines, and powerful characterizations make reading her stories an absolute addiction."


From Ivy Quill Reviews:

"From.... the first page, I was immediately swept into the time and place of the story, and I wasn’t released until the last word."


From Word Museum:

"Ms. Byerly is a wonderful writer, as capable of portraying a tender moment as a brutal encounter, a lingering love scene or a compelling battle, and making the reader feel and believe every word."


From SF Romance:

"Marilynn Byerly can wring emotion out of words the way most people wring water out of a sponge. Something so simple as a change of subject in a conversation reduced me to tears, the tip of an unseen iceberg of conflicts and desires that resonated to heroic archetypes.


The characters are all realistically drawn, and the world building is a masterpiece of pragmatic cynicism wed to hopeful optimism."


Awards for Marilynn's Books




Readers Poll Finalist, Affaire de Couer

Reviewers Choice Finalist, Affaire de Coeur




National Readers' Choice Award First Place

A Sapphire Winner

Write Touch Award Winner

An Affaire de Coeur Winner

A Reviewers International finalist Best Futuristic

A Reviewers International finalist Best Novel

A PEARL finalist Best Futuristic/Fantasy novel

A PEARL finalist Best Novel of the year

A Frankfurt eBook Award nominee

A James Tiptree, Jr. Award nominee




EPPIE finalist

PEARL finalist

A Perfect 10,
Romance Reviews Today

Silver Moon Chalice Finalist


"The Werewolf Whisperer"


One of the top ten romance short stories of 2002, Preditors & Editors Poll
A Silver Moon Chalice finalist




A Perfect 10, Romance Reviews Today

A Gold Rose Finalist,
Loves Romance Best Suspense

A Gold Rose Finalist, Best Ebook


BY FATE'S HAND anthology


Reviewers Choice Award, Road to Romance




5 Star Recommended Read from Fallen Angel Reviews.

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