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The Infamous First Cover Of Star-crossed

One of the perks of writing for a small press like Hard Shell is that I can give suggestions about what I want my cover to look like.

Since Star-crossed is about sexual slavery and freedom, I asked for a man's manacled hand reaching for a star. Dirk Wolf created a gorgeous cover exactly as I'd requested, but as I studied the picture, I noticed the breast shape of the star and the unfortunate position of the man's fingers in relation to it.

After dubbing the cover, "The Galactic Grope," I requested that the hand not be so close to the star.

Decide for yourself if I have an overactive imagination.


The First and Final Covers in Comparison

SCfirstcover2 Starcross2
Time After Time The Game We Play Star-crossed The Once and Future Queen By Fate's Hand GuardianAngelTn

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