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After the events of BOTH SIDES OF THE COIN

Hawk rescues Buck, and they both rescue the Searcher. Deciding that murder is a tad too extreme a punishment for cheating, Hawk punches Buck, and all is forgiven.


After the events of THE MAIDEN AND THE MONSTER

CORRINE Corrine goes to live with Asimov's younger brother and wife, and she's happy although she misses Hawk. She wants to be a medical doctor and works hard toward that goal.

She and Hawk exchange letters and visual messages, and he visits when he can so she keeps up with him and vice versa. She remains confused about whether she wants him as a father or a future husband, but he can only see himself as a fatherly big brother to her.


After the events of THE ONE. Ari and One join the Searcher crew.


After the events of HOSTAGES TO FORTUNE.

After a short absence, Tiber returns to the Searcher and becomes an unofficial part-time member of the crew. Hawk remains annoyingly certain that he only feels friendship for her, but that friendship means as much to him as Buck's, but in different ways.


After the events of AT THE BALL, things continue as they were with Hawk and Tiber.


After the events of THE FINAL SEDUCTION

Hawk quickly realizes that he loves Tiber and has for some time, but that this love is different from what he felt for Koori because the Hawk who loved Koori was a very different man from the man he is now. He finally makes peace with his past and finds love in his present.

Tiber promptly becomes pregnant with twins. Saying farewell to their life on Searcher, they settle down on Tiber's homeworld to await the birth of the babies and to allow Ari and One further education as powerful telepaths. During her pregnancy, Tiber searches her people's records for clues to the location of other avians, and she finds them. Unlike the avians of Throm, they are a spacefaring tribe who kept their technology. After the babies are born, she, Hawk, and Ari visit this planet.

The planet is thriving, and a number of the younger avians express interest in Tiber's offer of a new homeworld-- the Earth-like planet in HOSTAGES TO FORTUNE

Hawk and Tiber lead them to the new world, and they make Hawk their leader.


After the events of HONOR AMONG THIEVES

ALTERNATE UNIVERSE In the alternate universe, Tiber, Hawk, and Koori stop by One's planet on the way to her Uncle Jame. They find not only Ari, but Hawk's father and human stepmother alive as well. They all leave with One coming along, too.

Uncle Jame quickly finds a way for Tiber to get home. He promised to see Hawk's family settled on Phoenix and offers the new Earth as a second homeworld for Hawk's people. He also promises that Tiber's very powerful family will watch over and protect the avians as they have watched over the humans throughout the galaxy.

Tiber tells Hawk that if a human named Buck Rogers ever enters his life he shouldn't shoot him.

TIBER'S HOME UNIVERSE Tiber returns to her own universe and to the arms of her family and friends.

ONE who is an aggregate of balloon-like energy beings with one mind, not just the one balloon which stays with Ari, discovers that it can take energy from planets similar to its homeworld which is slowly dying. As these alternate worlds are found in its travels with Ari and Hawk, it "seeds" each world with one balloon which will reproduce asexually.

All this new energy allows it to be a more active participant with Ari and enjoy more conversations as Tiber introduces it to other telepathic races.

CORRINE AND ARI When Corrine is in her early twenties, Hawk visits, and she meets Ari in person for the first time. Suddenly, she's totally certain about her relationship with Hawk. He's definitely a father figure because what she's beginning to feel for Ari tells her what romantic love and sexual attraction are. Ari feels the same way.

Ari, meanwhile, is finishing his education and so is Corrine. After graduation, they marry. Their first trip is to Corrine's homeworld where he meets her mother, her dad the jerk is now dead, and they act as ambassadors from Earth's government to the king of the planet. The first thing this planet must do to be accepted as part of the Earth federation is to empower women and stop using them as chattel to be married off at their father's whim.

Corrine helps set up medical improvements while Ari works with the government to improve the society, and he arranges to have the asteroid field cleared enough to allow free trade and travel to and from the planet.

When their work is finished, they return to their new homeworld. Since the avian colony has been completely established and now thrives, Hawk has become bored with being the leader with all the bureaucratic nonsense these jobs entail. He gladly hands over this role to Ari who is happy to settle down with his people so he and Corinne can start having kids.

HAWK AND TIBER Since their children are old enough to travel, Tiber and Hawk set out for some adventuring on their own. They share some adventures with Buck who is still the same crazy party animal he always was, and they find more of Hawk's people.


BUCK After Hawk and Ari left the Searcher, Buck became bored with all the "searching with very little finding" and leaves to work on his own in trouble spots along the human frontier doing what he does best -- save the universe one disaster at a time.

GOODFELLOW Since things became so uninteresting after "the dear boys" left, Goodfellow retires to do research. He takes the robots with him to everyone's great relief.

WILMA AND ASIMOV Finally realizing that Buck is a romantic lost cause, Wilma begins to concentrate on her career and becomes an admiral. After Admiral Asimov retires to spend time with his wife, kids, and grandkids, Wilma is assigned to be the first captain of Searcher 2, the very high tech replacement for Searcher. She surprises everyone including herself by falling in love and marrying the handsome young civilian scientist in charge of the ship's Sciences section.

BUCK Buck meets one of Tiber's cousins. He falls in love with the alien beauty who can not only kick bad guy butt but also grew up on 20th Century Earth and understands all his humor and "where he is coming from." Buck finally feels like he's found home again. Together, they continue to save the universe one disaster at a time with an occasional visit to Hawk's planet to keep up with their extended family of the heart.

HISTORIC OVERVIEW The avian race thrives and grows stronger as the tribes reunite.

Buck and Hawk are able to prove to their races that humans and avians can be equal partners, and stronger because of that partnership, and an alliance is formed between the two races. Many of the races found by the Searcher and Searcher 2 also join with them in a confederation of peace and protection which lasts well past the 25th Century.

And everyone lives happily and peacefully ever after.



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