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"Eight talented authors combine their storytelling skills to creat a consecutive series of tales that are filled with warmth, joy and magic. The consistent theme and presence of the needle makes this anthology very cohesive and loads of fun to read. An ideal anthology for romance fans!"

Jill Smith, RT Bookclub


" The only overt magical constant is the true magic of love in every story. ... (E)ach of the stories makes for worthwhile reading, and though penned by very different writers, the golden needle holds them all together to form a coherent tapestry."

Amanda Killgore, Huntress Reviews


"BY FATE'S HAND is one of the most well done anthologies ever produced. The consistencies of the stories, the order of the journey the readers are lead on, as well as the intriguing theme of the needle, make this an anthology not to miss. All the authors shine with their writing talents. From the Prologue to the Epilogue, the flow of the stories and the authors' abilities to bring it all together, enriches the quality of this remarkable creation of love, joy, magic and its twists and turns."

Tracey West for The Road to Romance



"I truly enjoyed this collection. My favorites being- "The Eye of the Beholder," a timeless tale of finding the beauty within yourself and others, "The Christening Gown," a tender young woman with a healing heart, who loves another's child as her own, and "Sleepless Beauty" a witty tale of induced dream therapy with a hilarious fairy tale twist. BY FATE'S HAND has something for everyone, check it out!"

Johnna, Fallen Angel Reviews



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