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I'm Marilynn Byerly.  I write

cross-genre adventure novels.  


Some are set in the present day

and involve intense suspense,

thriller, or paranormal elements,

others are set in the distant future

where gender roles can be switched

or aliens lark around the galaxy

disguised as ubiquitous humans. 

Still others are sword and sorcery

fantasy stories in a world of my

own making


All have a spirit of adventure, romance, a touch of swashbuckling action, and

a certain insanity or wit I call my own.


To learn more about my books, browse my book pages and read my excerpts. 

You'll also find free short stories and articles on writing.  If you'd like

to write me by email or snail mail, click "Contact Marilynn" which is

below the navigation buttons on the bottom of all my pages.


To learn more about me and the many awards my novels have received, click

on "About Marilynn."


Welcome to my worlds.  I hope you enjoy yourself. 


Marilynn Byerly


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